About us

About us

Тurianski&Wolfsson is a professional association of the best known translators of the region with many years of experience in translation and interpreting specialising in the most needed spheres of knowledge and industries.

Translator is an intercultural mediator whose main goal is much more than just transmitting what was said or written into a different language. Our top-grade specialists ensure that people can communicate as if the building of the Tower of Babylon had never been attempted and the confusion of tongues never happened.

Turianski&Wolfsson is a leader in its core competence, ensuring efficiency of high-profile international contacts in Russia and abroad.

Our specialists will be happy to consult you on any issues involved in the use of linguistic services. On this site you will find information on most significant projects and events with the involvement of our company.

Turianski&Wolfsson are the translation experts. Clearly with us. Are you?

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