ОтзывыОтзывы о нашей команде

Отзывы о нашей команде


Екатерина Рехметова
Департамент общественных и внешних связей, Ханты-Мансийский автономный округ - Югра

"Одно удовольствие с вами работать!"


Александр Ефимов
Салым Петролеум Девелопмент Н.В., Москва

"Как всегда, на высоте!"

Вадим Анатольевич Кузнецов, Директор Тюменского кардиологического центра, доктор медицинских наук, профессор, заслуженный деятель науки РФ.

Спасибо Вам за сотрудничество! Переводчики отработали блестяще, их работа получила самую высокую оценку от участников конгресса. Большое спасибо Михаилу Васильевичу и Михаилу Сергеевичу, и надеемся на нашу дальнейшую совместную работу.

Steve Schultheis TA1, Shell

In my work in Russia I have used translation services from Turianski and Wolfsson on several occasions. Not only were they very professional and easy to work with, their translation work was very accurate and they had excellent grasp of the technical aspects of the conversation. The live real time translation went very smoothly in both interview and classroom settings.

Thank you for all the help!

Brad Schmidt, President, Makoto Investments and Consulting

I loved working with Mikhail. Not only did he do a fantastic and seamless job as the interpreter but he understood the meeting pulse and added value but getting in the spirit of the presentation. Definitely highly recommend him. He made me look very good to my clients too.

Anna d'Ophove gérant chez Cie d'EXperts Franco-Russe

Grace à sa maîtrise de l'anglais et du russe, ainsi qu'à ses capacités intellectuelles, Mikhail Krivinuk est susceptible de fournir une prestation de traduction exceptionnelle. Il fait partie de l'élite de notre profession.

Mike de Jong, General Manager Process Automation Control and Optimization at Shell Global Solutions

Mikhail Kriviniouk assisted me as a translator (Russian/English) for a week and a half during detailed technical review and assesment discussions with one of our Shell Joint ventures in Russia. He was extremey effective in his support and I was personally impressed with his speed and ability to translate during sensitive and engaging discussions. Many of the people that worked with me during that period of discussion (Russian and no-Russian) were equally impressed with his abilities.

Dr. Thomas D. Zweifel, Strategy & Performance Expert, Professor, Author

Mikhail provided competent translation services and helped me read between the lines during a consulting assignment in Russia. He is a true professional.

Mikhail served as my translator and cross-cultural guide when I gave a keynote on global and cross-cultural leadership to the Russia Protocol Agency. His work was impeccable and he made sure that the officials and business people got the maximum value from the distinctions and tools.

Svetlana Lisovskaya, Administrative Assistant at U.S. Department of State

For all these years of cooperation, as a director, Mr. Krivinyuk has proven to have excellent planning skills, a great judgment and decisiveness. He also demonstrated excellent translation ands interpretation skills working on various kinds of projects and a strong work ethic. I would recommned Mr. Krivinyuk as expert and the best service-provider in the area of translation and interpreting.

Rupert Allan, Visualisation Specialist: Production Designer, Associate Producer, Field Mapping Co-ordinator

Mikhail is solid, friendly, and professional in his dealings with editorial outsourcing. 
He clearly takes great pleasure in the science, art, and practise of language, and it shows in correspondence, and the work he delivers.

Антонина Соколова, владелец, ведущий тренер-консультант ООО "Арсенал Успеха"

Михаил - специалист очень высокого уровня. Его синхронные переводы великолепны, присутствие переводчика не ощущается совсем - как будто общаешься напрямую с собеседником. Однажды Михаил обеспечивал двойной синхронный перевод: японский - английский - русский языки в условиях производства. Это было супер!

Maxim Gashkov

Mikhail is a high professional going into detail in translation and interpreting without loosing an overview of wide cultural and extralinguistic context. He is a brilliant personality making his work a passion.

Michael Wader, Author, Senior Trainer and Lean Advisor at OrgProm in Russia and Expitris Worldwide Sdn Bhd in Malaysia

Mikhail provided very professional service that was easy to work with and well received by my audiences. His skills always produced the results and impact that I wanted... expressing my feeling and translating my words from English to Russian. Both simultaneously and sequential translation were accurate and on time. I would not hesitate to use his services again when needed.

Andy Elsbury, President at Nexxt Spine

Mikhail takes great pride in his work and was enjoyable to work with on several occasions.

Evert Deloof-Sys, Jazyk (B) & Connexxion (Bulgaria), language and consultancy services

Mikhail's very intelligent approach to any task at hand makes him a real asset. Highly recommendable professional.

Mikhail Brodsky, PhD, the Institute of International Relations, Linguistics Department, Chair of Translation, Head of the Chair

I had a privilege of working alongside with him as an interpreter for a few months. Mikhail is one of the best interpreters I've ever encountered. And I've seen quite a few. Whenever I invite him to speak in front of my students, would-be translators & interpreters, he is always ready to come with bells on. A person of multiple talents, he is also an excellent photographer. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mikhail for any activity that involves translation, aspects of education and intercultural communication. It would be effort, time, and money well-spent.

Yulia Grigoryeva, Cultural Assistant at US Consulate General in Yekaterinburg

Mr. Mikhail Kriviniouk has provided simultaneous and consecutive interpreting at several public events organized by our office. Those included workshops and conferences on a variety of topics, from economics and politics to arts management, media development and culture. Mikhail possesses exceptional interpreting skills and rich vocabulary in many professional areas. He justly takes up the top position among the local professional interpreting services providers. Mikhail's friendly and charismatic personality along with his most perceptive approach to his clients and audiences always adds to the successful communication.

Patrick Goodman, Chief Product Officer | redeapp

Translating a word is easy. However, knowing how to translate the 'sense' and 'essence' of a word and sentence is quite another matter. After working and collaborating with Mikhail for nearly 5 years on numerous translation projects, I can honestly say that he possesses the latter ability. MIkhail brings both clarity and contextual relevance to his translation work. This makes him an invaluable asset.


Bruce Staley

With regard to the interpreter, Mikhail Kriviniouk, I was extremely pleased with his performance. I probably spend a third of my working year accompanied by interpreters, in a very broad range of countries and languages, and I have worked with many Russian interpreters too. Across the whole range I would place Mikhail in my top 5% on overall performance. There were many times in the classes, because of his excellent skills, that I forgot he was there. He was also very professional and confident with the workplace visits. If I had the choice I would select him for all my clients in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Azeryjan.

Alexander Ayoupov, Researcher at Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design

I hired Mikhail as a simultaneous interpreter for the ISOCARP-2012 congress. He provided excellent service during the event.

Ярослав Баричко, преподаватель – Санкт-Петербургский государственный технологический институт (технический университет)

Михаил Кривинюк - высококлассный переводчик, ответственно и творчески подходящий к выполнению поставленных задач

Александр Денисов, председатель в Международный клуб гуманитарной политики

Михаил блестящий профессионал в области межкультурного взаимодействия и переводческой деятельности на дипломатическом уровне, широкий кругозор и постоянное совершенствование вкупе с обширной практикой, позволяет гарантировать высочайший уровень синхрона и последовательного перевода практически в любых отраслевых тематиках переговорного процесса.

Roman Orekhov, Assistant to General Director at National Petroleum Consortium

I have been using Mikhail's services both in my personal capacity and as representative of the National Petroleum Consortium. He and his agency have consistently delivered great results. They are extremely reliable, always in touch and flexible. I will be using their services in the future.

Daniil Khavronyuk, PR, Marketing Communications, Internal Communications

Mikhail is a seasoned pro in our trade. His mastery of English coupled with a many-year hands-on experience in translation and interpreting and expertise in several specialised fields of knowledge make him a reliable and valuable co-worker. He's got a real passion for what he's doing, and that makes him really special even among the top-knotch professionals.

Andrei Tsoriev, Chief Radiologist, Yekaterinburg City Healthcare Department

The best interpreter and voiceover artist in our region. knows english as native speakers and even sometimes more then some of them. very good in medical translation, because studied medicine for 5 years in academy.

Michel Baudin, Owner at Takt Times Group

On several occasions while I was giving seminars for OrgProm, Mikhail was in the interpreters' booth, and the voice the audience heard was his. It was a seamless process. From their questions, I felt that they had understood what I had presented, and they seemed to understand my answers, as if I had been speaking directly with them. What more can you expect of an interpreter? I would be happy to work with Mikhail again.

Mara Ustinova, Doctor of sciences at Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, Russian Academy of Sciences

I know Mikhail since 2006 as a highly qualified translator of quite complicated texts in area of ethnic conflict management. Translation was connected with use of a specific terminology which was not common in Russian scholarship. Thanks to Mikhail's professionalism the translation was evaluated by experts as adequate to native speaker's level.

Олег Лёвин, Салым Петролеум Девелопмент

"I have met Mikhail on several occasions when his Company was providing linguistic support during many various SPD functions. I can recommend Michail as a highly-professional and tough-working translator/interpreter featuring excellent interpretation skills, including simultaneous translation, and extensive knowledge of the matter in many fields related to Petroleum Engineering, Safety, Training etc. His managerial skill reflected in flawless organization of such functions is also highly commendable."

Лилия Соломатина

Михаил Васильевич Кривинюк - профессиональный переводчик-синхронист, с многолетним стажем работы (более 10 лет) и опытом работы во многих областях науки, здравоохранения и экономики. 
Тщательный, даже щепетильный подход к работе позволяет Михаилу добиваться понимания и межкультурного взаимодействия на самом высоком уровне. 
Я неоднократно обращалась к Михаилу за помощью в переводе научных докладов и статей, результат – всегда превосходный! 
Точная передача смысла, богатая и разнообразная лексика, деликатные манеры, улыбка – все это отличает Михаила за работой в качестве переводчика-синхрониста. 
Михаил может проконсультировать по любой лингвистической теме, так как обладает энциклопедическими знаниями. 
Для меня других Interpreter просто нет. Спасибо большое фирме Turianski & Wolfsson за работу и кадровый состав! 















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